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Friday, May 10, 2013 @ 7:00pm
Parkside Lounge, NYC
No Cover

Tuppy the Band on Dog the Bounty Hunter: Free Downloads
The following Tuppy trax have been featured recently on Dog the Bounty Hunter,
the A&E Network reality show.
“Pretend”, “Down Slow”, “My Eye On You”, “One Step Closer”,
“Resurrection Day”, “Mystery Man”

Tuppy the Band on Parking Wars: Free Download
The Tuppy the Band track “Gettcha Good” (a more family-friendly version of the Tuppy classic, “Bouncin’ the Goods”) was prominently rocked on Parking Wars, the A&E Network reality show. The episode aired January 8, 2008 and was fuckin’ funny.
Download “Gettcha Good” & enjoy!

Live and in Rocking Tupptastic Videos on YouTube


“We Can’t Wait”

“G. W. B. My Lady”


“Avian Flu”

Tuppy the Band

Left to right:
Graham Willoughby/James Gleason ↔ bass
Andy Olson ↔ guitar, vocals
Beckley Roberts ↔ drums
Mark Hervey ↔ guitar, vocals
Dave Adler ↔ keyboards